Do You Have Any Health Challenge?

I am a certified Naturopathic Doctor that treats different chronic and acute Diseases with fruits, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Massage, Homeopathy and other natural Remedies.

My therapies are Effective, Safe, Affordable, wholistic but highly individualized natural therapies for various acute, or chronic diseases .


Do You Have Any Health Challenge?

Ask Dr Rita about any Health problems you have no matter how big or how little

Ask Dr Rita about the present Diagnosis you have been given to get expert advice

Ask Dr Rita for what appropriate Laboratory Tests you should do to get facts about the health challenge

Ask Dr Rita about the treatment or any therapy you are on for safe advise

Ask Dr Rita when you don’t know what to eat to get better

Ask Dr Rita when the symptoms you are experiencing is not responding to conventional medications.

Ask Dr Rita when all the road to perfect health seems illusive

Management Team

Experienced Doctor

A dedicated compassionate team of experts who work to ensure that the patient Gets well and is taught how to stay well at an affordable cost

Farmers they ensure that the herbs are cultivated organically without pesticides

Our herbs are sourced from all over the world so as to avoid seasonal fluctuations in availability. All our suppliers meet strict standards that ensure top quality herbs and many of our herbs are organic, wildcrafted, sustainably grown, or grown using permaculture. We support local farmers and grow many of our own herbs. (Want to grow for us? Email us!)

Laboratory Results Analyst: : we depend on results from laboratory to make Accurate diagnoses for effective therapy, we can interpret your test results and give you accurate knowledge on effective therapy

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Providing safe, effective, treatment for diseases using herbs, fruits, nutrition, massage.

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