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Riz Fruits & Herbs Clinic

We employ the use of natural, organic, unadulterated, whole fresh fruits, herbs & vegetables, to help the body repair itself; gently, safely, permanently, without side effects. The clinic also educates people on what fruits, vegetables and herbs to eat for their health concerns. Below are services offered by Riz Fruits & Herbs Clinic:

Anti-stress Therapy


Organ Treatment Protocols

About our various treatments

Our Special Techniques Treatments

Anti-stress Therapy

Special technique that removes long term effects of prolonged stress from the body


We employ the use of needles, moxa, in treatment of pain and painful conditions

Knee, Joint & Bone Therapy

This is a painless therapy for pains in the knee, and joints. a 30mins session gives long lasting results.

Spinal Re-alignment Therapy

This is a therapy for improving the spinal motion and physical function by re-aligning the structure of the spinal.


We use high quality, safe & effective essential oils in treatment of pains and sleep disorders. These are non-chemical products and are proven to provide fast relief in mild to moderate pain.

Nutritional Therapy

Our nutritional therapy programme provides list of things to eat and avoid in different health diseases e.g. heart food plan, arthritis food plan etc.

Health Lectures & Seminar

We organise lectures & seminar for corporate organizations on several health topics especially on preventive medicine

Teas & Herbs Therapy

We provide safe and effective teas and tinctures for prevention of diseases, maintenance of health, and treatment of mild symptoms.

Our Partners

Perfect Herbs : They grow our herbs, prepare our tinctures for effective therapy

Saudi German Hospital Dubai: We refer surgical cases requiring urgent medical services

Providing safe, effective, treatment for diseases using herbs, fruits, nutrition, massage.

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+234-706 1713 985
2 Leasu Sawubano Avenue, Kuforiji Olubi Street, Adigbe GRA, Abeokuta, Ogun state
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday to Saturday


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